Phelios Updates BongoBoogie! For Mac Gamers

Phelios has released an update for BongoBoogie! BongoBoogie! is a "brick wall" type game where the object of the game is to destroy an ever growing wall of bricks. The update features minor fixes and a smaller file size. According to Phelios:

Phelios announced the release of a significant update to their game, Bongo Boogie, the breakout game with monkeys that have gone bananas.

The update coincides serendipitously with the Chinese New Year 2004: The Year of the Monkey. The Bongo Boogie updates include:

  • Size reduction from 29 MB to 11.5 MB which means a lot less download time!
  • Fix highscores on main page
  • Simplified the introduction dialog box

You can find more information about the BongoBoogie! update at the Phelios Web site. Bongoboogie! is available for US$15.00.