PhotoFix Updated With TWAIN Driver Importing

Microspot Ltd has released an update for PhotoFix, bringing it to version 3.5.5. PhotoFix is a utility designed for digital image editing. The update features TWAIN support and digital camera importing. According to Microspot Ltd:

Microspot Ltd, developer of 2D and 3D graphics, media management applications and drivers has announced the latest version of PhotoFix, the digital media editing application.

PhotoFix is an easy-to-use editing program that has tools and palettes that allow retouching, feathering, cloning, airbrushing and more to enhance images and produce artwork with professional results. Compatible with a wide range of file formats, including PICT, TIFF and EPS, PhotoFix also offers automatic colour, brightness and contrast correction as well as special effects filters to customise and enhance your images.

PhotoFix 3.5.5 has new features to further enhance the application. Users will now be able to import images from scanners that have TWAIN drivers as well as from digital cameras. EXIF data from digitalcameras is now displayed along with general information.

You can find more information about the PhotoFix update at the Microspot Ltd. Web site. PhotoFix is available for US$69.00.