PhotoSpray Graphic Filter Now Shipping From Human Software

Human Software is now shipping PhotoSpray 1.2 for Mac users. PhotoSpray is a image filter plug-in designed to work with Photoshop, Elements, and other digital graphic applications. The PhotoSpray filter allows users the ability to directly spray images over another and ships with over 50 spray templates. According to human Software:

Adding to its line of filter plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Human Software is releasing PhotoSpray™ version 1.2 for Mac OS 9 & X (Carbon).

The new PhotoSpray™ comes as a filter plug-in compatible with applications supporting Photoshop 4 and more plug-ins-kind such as Photoshop 4 to 7/ Elements, Corel PhotoPaint, Jasc PaintShop. PhotoSpray™ offers the ability to spray pictures on top of any RGB photos or layers.

This new method of painting lets users brush sets of images on top of any photo. Brushes can be adjusted through a variety of parameters. This spray brush is ideal for photo-realistic painting. PhotoSpray™ will ship with a collection of more than 50 realistic-sprays including plants, flowers, leaves, trees, bushes but also rocks, clouds, geometrical objects, balls, etc...

You can find more information about the PhotoSpray release at the Human Software Web site. PhotoSpray 1.2 is available for US$99.00.