Photographer Launches Photo Restoration Biz With A Mac

Dr. Eric Flescher tells us about cool article about a photographer who used the Mac to launch a photo restoration business. The article appears in the July edition of the Professional Photographer in an article called "Bone Daddy Adapts." From Dr. Flescher:

Magazine: Article in Professional Photographer
Issue: July 2001
Article: "Bone Daddy Adapts"
Page: . 42-45
by Jeff Kent

Michael Stern, a veteran photographer, has to find a way to keep up his photographing imaging hobby when he could no longer cart around a lot of equipment due to some health problems. Starting in 1999, with adobe Photoshop and the Mac platform, he learned about digital wizardry. Then he started a very unique digital restoration and enhancement service.

Macs help provide the environment for technological skills enhancement but promoted a unique visual form of creativity, as evidenced by Sternis unique photos.

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