Photoshop 6 Brush Plug-In From Sapphire

Sapphire Innovations has released Brushes Volume 11 for the Mac. Brushes Volume 11 is a Photoshop 6 plug-in designed to add more selections to the brush palette. The plug-in ships with 450 different grainy brushes. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Brushes Vol 11 - Randomised brushes (for PC/Mac Photoshop (r) 6/elements)

A new volume of brushes released iSapphire Brushes vol 11i contains 450 new random grainy smeared brushes for Photoshop 6 and elements. A wide range of different brush types great for art history, dodge, burn, paint, spray and more.

You can find more information about the Brushes Volume 11 at the Sapphire Web site. Brushes Volume 11 is available for US$21.00.