Photoshop 7 To Ship In April

Adobe Systems has released the latest version of Photoshop, bringing it to version 7. Photoshop is an imaging and graphics app and is the industry standard for Mac powered graphic design. The latest version ships with several new enhancements including a visual File Browser and a new Painting Engine for simulating traditional painting techniques. According to Adobe:

Adobe Systems Incorporated, the leader in network publishing, today announced Adobe® Photoshop® 7.0, a major upgrade to the worldis professional image editing standard. Photoshop 7.0 boasts an extensive set of new features that allow photographers, Web and graphic designers to work more efficiently, explore new creative options and produce the highest quality images for print, Web and other media. Native on Mac® OS X, Photoshop 7.0 provides enhanced multi-processor support and interoperability with other native Adobe applications.

New in Photoshop 7:

  • File Browser to visually browse and retrieve images
  • Healing Brush to effortlessly remove artifacts such as dust, scratches, blemishes, and wrinkles while preserving shading, lighting, and texture
  • Web output enhancements to easily apply transparency or partial transparency to Web page elements, including seamless edges that blend into any Web background
  • Single, enhanced Rollover palette to manage Web page rollovers, animations, and image maps more easily
  • New "selected" rollover state for creating more sophisticated Web site navigation bars without hand-coding
  • Customizable workspace for saving the arrangement of palettes and settings for tools, and instant access to a personalized Photoshop desktop
  • New Auto Color Command for reliable color correction

Stay competitive:

  • New Painting Engine to simulate traditional painting techniques
  • Pattern Maker plug-in to create realistic or abstract patterns such as grass, rocks, and sand simply by selecting a section of an image
  • Enhanced Liquify (distorting) tool to allow you to view other layers, zoom, pan, and undo multiple steps — even save custom meshes and apply them to other files

You can find more information about Photoshop 7 at the Adobe Systems Web site. Photoshop 7 is available for US$609.00.