PiDog Updates OS X Perl Editing Software

piDog has updated their Perl editing software, XPerlEdit, to version 1.2. XPerlEdit allows users to create and check the syntax of Perl scripts while providing a number of features to make writing Perl easier. According to piDog:

piDog Software has released v1.2 of its Mac OS X Perl editing software, XPerlEdit. The new version features a new autoformatting helper which can either maintain indentation or adjust dynamically based on curly-braces. Also added, the built in syntax check function allows the user to scroll directly to a particular error by double clicking in the error window. Several other bug fixes and optimizations are included.

XPerlEdit, the only dedicated Perl editor built for Mac OS X, brings OS Xis built in Perl to the desktop. Features like autocompletion, autoformatting, and integrated reference make XPerlEdit the perfect solution for the expert or beginner.

XPerlEdit is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the XPerlEdit Web site.