Pi Fillings CD Offers Nothing But The Good Stuff

The Washington Apple Pi user group has announced version 8 of their Pi Fillings CD. The CD contains an array of shareware, installers, and software updates. The new version also includes a "Get Smart" section with tips and tricks about a variety of Apple related topics. According to the Washington Apple Pi group:

It1is finally here! Version 8 of Washington Apple Pi1s acclaimed "Pi Fillings" CD. And true to form, itis bigger and better than ever. "We really took the extra time to make this version of PiFillings something every Mac owner will use over and over again," says WAP President Lorin Evans.

Along with the standard folders that include Application Updates, Internet Essentials and Apple System Updates, there is a new collection called "Get Smart" that offers instructional material worth reading. If you need information about networking, firewire, troubleshooting and much more, there is something in here for every Macophile.

The Pi Fillings CD is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Washington Apple Pi user group Web site.