PicTriX Now Speaks English

Metadobe Software GmbH has released an English version of PicTriX, bringing it to version 1.0.7. PicTriX is an image management app designed to allow users to rename and reimport image files based on certain criteria within QuarkXPress. According to PicTriX:

Metadobe Software GmbH today presented a new version of PicTriX 1.0.7 which now has full support for English speaking customers.

PicTriX substantially improves productivity when working with image frames, image files and placed images in QuarkXPress 4.x. The XTensions software is able to reconnect or reimport image files based on various criteria (e.g. DST to Standard Time change), rename picture files while retaining their links, archive document or load fonts required by EPS pictures. In addition there are editing functions, e.g. conversion of embedded paths into XPress bezier boxes, and palette windows containing information about pictures.

This release supplements the update PicTriX 1.0.6, which invented the ability to reconnect pictures which have been marked as "Modified" due to the change from DST to Standard Time.

The PicTriX 1.0.7 update incorporates changes which affect the English localization. Typos have been corrected and an English online help has been added. The manual is now available in English too. The package has been tested against the US version of QuarkXPress as well as against QuarkXPress Passport.

You can find more information about the English version of PicTriX at the Metadobe Software GmbH Web site. PicTriX is available for US$184.00.