Pics Of The Iomega Dancers, Football, & The Crowds

These are the last images taken from show floor at MACWORLD Expo. The first row was taken from the big huge mega-football game between some of the personalties in the Mac gaming world. You can see for yourself how huge it really was. The second row are two images of the huge crowds (for real this time) that were packing the show the last couple of hours before it ended. The place was literally packed, and this may be in part because it was easier for people to get off of work on Friday afternoon. Lastly, we include three images from the Iomega presentation. Iomega had a team of 6 rather attractive dancers who were there to get us to watch. We did. These people did a show every 30 minutes from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and still managed to fake a smile during the last performance. Our vantage point was not the best, but we offer what we have.


The big football game between gaming personalties was sort of rained out

Throw that ball...

An example of the kind of cool special effects you can expect from the Mac Observer staff.

This is a picture of the huge crowds just an hour before the Expo ended.

Another crowd shot

These are two of the really... uhhh... talented girls in the Iomega show.

More of the dancers from Iomega

Still more...

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