Picture Play Update From Crescendo

Crescendo Software has released an update for Picture Play, bringing it to version 1.5. Picture Play is an image composting app designed for collage building. The update has several improvements including a Rotate Tool low quality setting and higher resolution image support. According to Crescendo Software:

Picture Play 1.5.1 has been officially released as of February, 2002.

Picture Play is an application for creating compositions of many images. It is basically an electronic collage. You can use it to incorporate multiple images into a single artistic image, and add editable text layers as well.

It includes to following enhancements and bug fixes :

  • New low quality setting for Rotate Tool doesnit anti-alias rotated image, and as such avoids unnecessary blurring
  • Non-72dpi images now work with Picture Play allowing higher quality images to be used
  • Tool bar removed to save screen space wasted unnecessarily and simplify interface
  • Blur tool rewritten to more accurately blur without pixelation, it looks much nicer
  • Images dragged onto work area are located where they are dropped
  • Palettes only show when a document window is at the front, as per the Apple HIG
  • Proportional check box in Resize Tool window sets fields on press
  • Objects and Document palettes rearranged to save 20 pixels in width allowing more room for document windows
  • Ruler tags background colour changed from beige to blue to match rulers better

You can find more information about the Picture Play update at the Crescendo Software Web site. Picture Play 1.5.1 is available for US$14.95.