PineHill Products Updates Two X Apps

PineHill Products has updated two of their OS X compatible applications, SiteToolkit and FinalWord. SiteToolkit 1.6 provides Web master with a set of tools to help maximize their site to improve traffic, while FinalWord 2.1 is a full-featured text editor. According to PineHill Products:

SiteToolkit 1.6 adds many new features, including 2 new search engines to attract more traffic to your web site, a brand new, more streamlined interface, automatic submission, and SiteToolkit is now built for Mac OS X, but will run on Mac OS 8.6 and above.

SiteToolkit is a complete set of webmaster tools to help achieve on receiving more traffic on your web site. SiteToolkit will optimize the HTML for any web page you ask it to, for faster loading times on the internet. SiteToolkit can also generate and add customized META tags to every web page in your site, and then upload it to your site, all within SiteToolkit! And the best feature of all &endash; SiteToolkit will submit your web site to over 40 of the most popular search engines!

FinalWord 2.1 also adds new features, including zoom window, much improved Mac OS X compatibility, and much more. FinalWord 2.1 also addresses many bug fixes.

FinalWord is a professional, powerful, and easy to use text editor for the Macintosh with all of the text editing and creating tools anyone would ever need to use. With FinalWord, editing a text file that was made on either a Macintosh or PC Windows platform is a snap, since FinalWord can read and convert both of the files. Not only is editing text files a snap, but so is creating them. Bundled with the ability to add a spell checker and other handy text tools at your fingertips, FinalWord is the only tool that you need.

Both SiteToolkit and FinalWord are available for US$15.95. You can find more information at the PineHill Products Web site.