PitchBoard Themes Updated With Final Draft AV Support

KeynotePro has updated PitchBoards Themes for Mac users. PitchBoard Themes is a utility designed for creating storyboard presentations within Appleis Keynote application. The update features Final Draft AV support for expanded film/video storyboarding options. According to KeynotePro:

KeynotePro is pleased to announce the immediate availability of their updated PitchBoards Themes which now include full compatibility with Keynote presentations exported from Final Draft AV, the acclaimed dual-column, audio-visual scriptwriting software from Final Draft Inc., providing creative professionals with a complete pre-production solution for scripting and storyboarding.

The combination of Final Draft AV and Pitchboards using the eye-popping graphic capabilities of Apple’s Keynote software gives professionals all the tools they need to take their ideas to market.

Designed with film and video pros in mind, PitchBoards leverages the power and ease-of-use of Appleis Keynote application to make building storyboard and pitch presentations fast and flexible.

Along with the general purpose slide masters youill find in any Keynote theme, PitchBoards now includes up to 32 additional slide masters for the most popular aspect ratios used in film and video production today - all ready-to-use storyboard layouts waiting for your content.

You can find more information about the PitchBoard Themes update at the KeynotePro Web site. PitchBoard Themes is available starting at US$19.95.