Pix Lite Makes Its Way To Mac OS X

SearchWare has released Pix Lite for Mac OS X. Pix Lite views all types of multimedia files and supports AppleScript. According to SearchWare Solutions:

SearchWare Solutions is proud to announce the release of a Mac OS X native version of Pix Lite, their well-received QuickTime-based Media Viewer.

Functionally identical to Pix Lite 1.1 for the Classic Mac OS, Pix Lite for Mac OS X is an easy-to-use application for viewing various types of QuickTime compatible media such as images and movies in a wide variety of formats. Users can, in many cases, use the software as a replacement for Appleis own media-viewing applications. Pix Lite also includes powerful slideshow and movie presentation functions as well as integrated AppleScript support.

Whatis new

All known outstanding bugs that are not a result of bugs in Mac OS X have been fixed. Some internal tweaks were made to improve performance, espcially on systems using slower G3 processors.

Pix Lite 1.1 is available for US$15 and the update is free to registered users of vresion 1.x for Mac OS X. You can find more information at SearchWare Solutionsi site.