Pixar-Apple Connection: Apple Promotes Finding Nemo Game

Many people have wondered when Apple and Pixar would begin working together a bit closer. When Pixar chose an Intel-powered Linux rendering solution to replace its Sun render farm, some of those wondering thought never. Then again, Mac OS X is being used in the work flow at Pixar, so perhaps not all is lost. The connection, for those who may be wondering what we are talking about, is that Steve Jobs is the CEO of both companies.

Today, Apple stepped up its support of Pixar by selling the Disney Finding Nemo game, based on Pixaris soon to be released Finding Nemo movie. The game is Mac compatible, thanks in no small part to Steve Jobs, we should imagine. In addition to selling the game on its online store, Apple is also promoting the game with a large spot on the Macintosh Product Guide, the companyis guide to everything Macintosh. It seems that you can get a free kidis pass to see the movie when you buy the game. The ad on the Mac Product Guide:

The description of the game from the Apple Store:

The software version of Finding Nemo follows the adventures of Nemo and his marine-life friends using arcade-style game play. The game is set in a 3-D underwater environment and allows players to play key movie characters including Nemo, Marlin, and Dory, each with varied abilities. Gamers will explore several levels, including mini-games and bonus levels.

You can find the promo at the Mac Product Guide.