Pixar Releases RenderMan Pro Server For The Macintosh

In a brief notice on Pixaris RenderMan site, the company has announced the availability of its RenderMan Pro Server for the Macintosh. RenderMan Pro Server, a package that includes tools for rendering images for film and video productions, includes RenderMan 11.5, which was developed and used for Pixaris latest release, Finding Nemo. From Pixar:

Pixar Animation Studios officially announces the availability of RenderMan Pro Server for the Macintosh, bringing Pixaris Academy Award winning rendering technology to the Apple community.

RenderMan¨ Pro Server will include the latest release of Pixaris RenderMan 11.5, featuring technology developed during Pixaris Finding Nemo and should be available fourth quarter, 2003.

You can find more information about RenderMan Pro Server at Pixaris RenderMan Web site.