Pixelpalooza Winners Announced

The Iconfactory has announced the winners of the 7th annual Pixelpalooza icon contest. The contest pits designers from around the world in a competition to see who creates the best icon. The winners were determined by online voting and are eligible for prizes and world wide prestige. According to The Iconfactory:

The Iconfactory is pleased to announce the official winners of this yearis annual icon design contest, Pixelpalooza! The 2003 edition of the contest drew 137 entries from around the globe, but in the end, only nine were selected as the Grand Prize, Runner-Up and and Peopleis Choice Winners.

These entries were judged to be the greatest artistically, most original, or most popular of the icons entered in each category.

Winners will receive prize packages courtesy of this yearis sponsors: Aladdin Systems, Anime Nation, El Gato Software, Font Diner, Font Head, Griffin Technology, The Mac Surfshop, Microsoft, Panic & Vizspring Software.

You can find more information about the Pixelpalooza winning icons at The Iconfactory Web site.