Pixologic Releases ZBrush Plug-In

Pixologic has released a plug-in script for ZBrush, called ZList. ZList is a utility designed for cataloging all the resources and create lists in a VCR styled thumbnail browser. A users favorite Textures, Materials and Tools are stored in the browser for access in ZBrush, the digital image app. According to Pixologic:

Following the powerful utility of TextureMaster ZScript and the latest MaterialPack and MaterialList ZScripts, Pixologic announced the release of the new, ZList ZScript for ZBrush.

ZList is a ZBrush utility script that enables you to catalog all your favorite Textures, Materials, Tools and Alphas in one location. ZList uses a VCR-style thumbnail browser that makes it easy to locate any stored item. You may create ZLists containing variety of resources or create lists that are type-specific and switch between these lists as needed. ZList is the newest addition to the family of recently developed utility ZScripts.

You can find more information about ZList at the Pixologic Web site. ZBrush is available for US$292.50.