Plasticsmith Debuts mini Shack USB Hub

The Plasticsmith announced Friday the mini Shack (see photo below), a 7-port USB hub with a LED illuminated base which sits below Appleis Mac mini.

Designed exclusively for Apple?s Mac mini, the company said it is the first stand to incorporate a 7-port hub.

The mini Shack:glo has a blue LED-illuminated base with a white acrylic housing that incorporates a built-in 7-port high-speed USB 2.0 hub. It retails for US$99.95.

The mini Shack:clear is indentical to the glo model, but with a white, LED illuminated base. It retails for $89.95.

The mini Shack:"Bring Your Own Hub" model, for $69.95, "shelters" a useris own USB/FireWire hub with either a blue or white LED illuminated housing.

All three models will begin shipping on April 29, the company said.