Playing Foreign DVD Movies on Your Mac

Even though we live in a world where you can purchase movies on DVD from other countries, you canit play them on your Mac without changing your optical driveis region encoding. Since you can change the region only five times, you better make sure that imported movie is really worth watching. Unless, that is, you use VLC media player.

Break free from the boundaries of DVD region codes.

VLC media player is an amazing jack-of-all-trades multimedia player that handles a stunning array of media formats without the need for additional codecs. More importantly for todayis tip, however, is the fact that it can play DVDs from every encoding region. As an added bonus, it also plays video CDs.

VLC media player is free, and you can download it at the VideoLAN Web site.

Trivia: The movie in the VLC media player screen shot is Tradje vågen, Den (The Third Wave). Itis a Swedish blockbuster action-thriller staring Jacob Eklund, Irena Björklund and Richard Froelich.

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