Playlist Offers First Look at Second Generation iPod mini

Chris Breen has posted a First Look at Appleis new iPod mini for Playlist magazine. Apple introduced new 6 gigabyte iPod minis on Wednesday, and lowered the price of the original 4GB units. The Playlist First Look examines the new features Apple added to the product line.

"Seriously, there are some important differences between the two mini models," wrote Mr. Breen. "Most impressive is playback time. Apple suggests that the original iPod mini can play for up to eight hours. [...] As I write this my mini is still running through its initial charge. Currently itis at just under 13 hours and still going strong."

Mr. Breen also spent time the differences in the new case colors, the lack of a FireWire cable, and other issues.

We recommend the full article for anyone interested in second generation iPod minis.