Plextor ConvertX, EyeTV 1.7 Add MPEG-4 Support

Plextor released Monday Elgato EyeTV 1.7 software for Plextor ConvertX Personal Video Recorder and Elgatois EyeTV 200 for the Mac. The update allows both PVRs to record video using hardware-based MPEG-4 encoding.

EyeTV 1.7 allows users to take advantage of the ConvertX PVR?s built-in MPEG-4 hardware video compression capability in addition to previously available MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats. Other new features include subtitling support and Clear QAM support for certain models of EyeTV hardware, a more robust search and sort through recorded videos, making it easier for users to find the recording they want to watch.

EyeTV 1.7 is a free update for current ConvertX PVR for the Mac owners. Plextor also announced a US$50 software upgrade that enables ConvertX PVR for the Mac users to install and use the device on a PC in addition to a Mac. ConvertX PVR for Mac is $230.