PocketMac Smartphone Edition Now Shipping

Information Appliance Associates has released a new app for Mac users, the PocketMac Smartphone Edition. PocketMac Smartphone Edition is a utility designed for syching a users Mac to a Microsoft Smartphone. The utility features support for numerous Apple apps including iTunes and iCal. According to Information Appliance Associates:

Information Appliance Associates announces the new release of PocketMac Smartphone Edition, the first ever solution to allow Mac users to synchronize their crucial data between their Mac and their Microsoft Smartphones.

Microsoft Smartphones are the latest offering in the Microsoft Mobile line of products, enabling e-mail, Internet access, graphics, multimedia and everything else Pocket PCs have been known for, except Smartphones are compact fully functioning cell phones.

PocketMac Smartphone Edition offers Mac users unparalleled tools to sync their Smartphone with their Mac, including:

  • iCal Calendar Synching--PocketMac Smartphone Edition synchs iCal calendars between the Mac and the Smartphone and vice versa.
  • iCal To-Do/Task Synching--PocketMac Smartphone Edition also offers iCal "To-Do" sync with the Smartphoneis Tasks
  • Entourage Synching--PocketMac Smartphone Editionis Entourage synching allows for complete synching of Calendars, Tasks and Contacts
  • OS X Address Book Contacts Synching--PocketMac Smartphone Edition OS X Address Book syncs OS X Address Book completely
  • iSync Integration--PocketMac Smartphone Edition offers integration with Appleis iSync
  • iTunes--PocketMac Smartphone Edition supports the synching of usersi MP3s with their Smartphone with iTunes
  • iPhoto--PocketMac Smartphone Edition supports the synching of usersi photos and pictures with their Smartphone using iPhoto
  • Bluetooth--PocketMac Smartphone Edition offers complete support for wireless synching with Smartphones over Bluetooth or Airport (802.11b)
  • and more...

You can find more information about the PocketMac Smartphone Edition release at the Information Appliance Associates Web site. PocketMac Smartphone Edition is available for US$28.88.