PocketMac Sync Apps Updated For Tiger

Information Appliance Associates (IAA) on Tuesday introduced Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger"-compatible updates for its line of PocketMac synching utilities: PocketMac for Blackberry, PocketMac Pro (Mac-to-PocketPC synching), PocketMac Lite (the budget version of PocketMac Pro), PocketMac Phone (Mac-to-smartphone synching), PocketMac GoBetween (Entourage-to-iSync synching), PocketMac iCalPrinter (for printing "Office style" iCal calendars) and PocketMac PSP (for synching data between a Mac and Sonyis handheld PSP gaming device, which can store information on a Memory Stick).

The developer has also introduced a 30% rebate for customers who switch from a competing product. A Tiger update for PocketMac iPod Edition is "coming very soon," according to IAAis Web site.