PodShop Now Shipping PodHolder For iPod Users

The PodShop is now shipping a new product for iPod users, the PodHolder. The PodHolder is a stand designed to hold a users iPod upright and protect from scratches and damage. The PodHolder is made of clear acrylic plastic and features rubber pads to prevent slipping. According to PodShop:

PodShop announces the immediate availability of PodHolder, a clear acrylic stand used to hold and display the iPod, Appleis wildly popular portable hard drive device.

PodShop got its start a couple of months after Anderson, an IT engineer at a Wintel-based organization, became a "Switcher". His first Apple product, a 10 GB iPod, hooked him. He loved his new device, but didnit like carrying it around in a black leather case. He felt the beauty of iPod shouldnit be concealed, yet he needed something to keep the back of his iPod from getting scratched. He also wanted it propped at an angle to provide a better way of using it while at his desk.

You can find more information about the PodHolder at the PodShop Web site. The PodHolder is available for US$15.95.