PommSoft Shipping New Browser Search Utility

PommSoft has released a new app for Mac users, SearchBar 0.4. SearchBar is a search utility designed for searching up to 16 databases and displaying the results in a users Web browser. The app ships with support for engines like Google and the Internet Movie Database. According to PommSoft:

PommSoft has announced the publication of SearchBar v0.4, a little utility that will allow you to quickly perform searches in your favorite Web based search engines, like Google, Apple Developer Documentation, CNN, the Internet Movie DataBase and many more (16 total!), and will display the results in your favorite browser.

The SearchBar UI is very simple, yet powerful, with its floating palette where you can select which search engine to search as well as different engine specific options, it is always available, and when it is hidden, just press the hotkey and it will come right back!

You can find more information about the SearchBar release at the PommSoft Web site. SearchBar 0.4 is available as freeware.