Pong Back With A Vengeance

Longing for a return to the beginning of home computer games? Neither are we, really, but Macsoftis version of Pong will make you smile when thinking about the dawning days of video games. The latest version of Pong can be experienced in full 3D glory, and includes a variety of "worlds" and levels. According to Macsoft:

Pong like youive never seen it before! MacSoft, a leading publisher of entertainment software for the Mac and a label of Infogrames, Inc. has taken the game to a whole new level. "The first game of head-to-head competition is back and better than ever," says Cindy Swanson, MacSoft Marketing Manager. "We?re excited to bring such a well-known game and classic property to Mac gamers."

The addictive game that started it all is now an incredible 3-D experience. MacSoftis Pong features stunning graphics, one of a kind game environments and multiple new worlds of fast-paced action where players experience everything from animated penguins to topsy-turvy playing surfaces.Additional features include:

  • Twenty fantastic levels of game play;
  • Game enhancing power-ups and secrets;
  • Multiplayer action for up to four players that includes numerous cooperative and competitive modes.

Pong is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the US Infogrames Web site.