Poof! Desktop Back To Normal

Straight Ahead Software has updated their desktop restoration utility, Desktop Magician, to version 2.0. Desktop Magician allows users to easily restore a saved desktop state, including disk images, files, and open windows. According to Straight Ahead Software:

Straight Ahead Software today announced Desktop Magician 2.0, a feature rich desktop utility for Macintosh, is now shipping.

Desktop Magician takes a broad step forward in this release, offering a wide range of options for saving an restoring your Macis running environment for whatever purpose you need.

Desktop Magician 2.0 Features:

  • New toolbar (floating or non-floating as desired) for convenient access
  • New contextual menu plug-in
  • Save and restore sets of open Finder windows for particular projects, as needed
  • Save and restore sets of running applications and open documents
  • Save and restore sets of mounted servers and mounted disk images
  • Save and restore sets of items displayed on the desktop and their icon positions
  • Save and restore monitor settings for color depth and resolution
  • Cycle your favorite desktop pictures at specified intervals
  • Easily quit all applications, unmount all servers, unmount all disk images, and close all Finder windows in a single click.
  • And just for fun-a new "spell with icons" feature

Desktop Magician is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Straight Ahead Software web site.