PopChar X 2.0 Features Auto Font Detection

ergonis software has released a new version of PopChar X, bringing it to version 2.0. PopChar is a keyboard utility designed for simplifying difficult keyboard character combinations. The latest version features several enhancements including automatic font detection. According to ergonis software:

ergonis software today announced the immediate availability of PopChar X 2.0, the highly acclaimed tool for "typing" unusual characters easily without having to remember keyboard combinations.

It installs a menu that shows all characters available in the current font. Any character can be inserted in the current document by simply selecting it from the menu. PopChar X is distributed by ergonis software as part of their macility software collection.

New features:

  • Automatic font detection in Word, Excel, Illustrator, InDesign and BBEdit
  • When the option key is pressed, PopChar X now inserts the HTML codes for selected Unicode symbols
  • PopChar X now supports the scroll wheel on extended mice
  • A context click (right mouse button or control-click) in the PopChar X window and the "P" box directly opens the "macility menu"
  • The preferred font and the "styled insertion" mode (including the font size) are now remembered separately for each application
  • PopChar X has been prepared for localization. Version 2.0 supports English and German

You can find more information about the latest version of PopChar X at the macility Web site. PopChar X is available for US$20.00