Popular Chart App Coming To OS X

CS-Odessa has announced that their popular diagram/flow chart creation application, ConceptDraw, is available for OS X. ConceptDraw allows users to easily create complex diagrams and flow charts by providing a power interface and pre-designed components. According to CS-Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. announced thatthe company will demonstrate a Mac OS X version of ConceptDraw - its populardiagramming and drawing software - at Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Currently, Carbonized version of ConceptDraw 1.6 is in a beta form. It isavailable for free download and testing to registered owners of ConceptDraw 1.58or earlier and will require an existing ConceptDraw serial number and MacOS X.

"Itis a great day for us. The new features in MacOS X give a new level of powerto the developer allowing to create much more powerful, efficient and stableapplications. We are proud to support MacOS X in its early days, and provideMacOS X users with comprehensive and convenient tools for their everyday work" -said Gregory Zhukov, President of CS-Odessa.

ConceptDraw was the first dedicated diagramming program available for Mac OS X.The Carbon version of ConceptDraw 1.6 has been written to take full advantage ofthe Carbon APIs in Mac OS, and its other powerful features, like enhanced memorymanagement and multitasking.

Registered users of ConceptDraw may download the OS X beta version at the ConceptDraw web site.