Popular Mechanics Takes Its Turn Praising iSight & iChat AV

It seems like people just canit stop talking about Appleis iSight camera and iChat AV software. Yesterday, it was BusinessWeek and Fortune, today itis an article in Popular Mechanics. The article looks at the specs of Appleis new camera, the ease of setup, and the quality of the audio and video. The article then goes on to quickly compare Appleis setup to Microsoftis MSN Messenger 6, which it calls "a stuttering, herky-jerky experience." From Popular Mechanics:

iChat AV is the next version of Appleis intuitive iChat, released in 2002. The biggest change is the AV, which stands for Audio/Visual. Now iChat users can hold audio chats with excellent sound quality over connections as slow as 56K. The quality, which is leaps beyond current Internet audio chat offerings, is attained by using the same compression technology as CDMA cellphone networks.

But the video chatting is the feature that really shines. iChat AV allows full 30-fps, full-screen video between two Mac users with a broadband connection. Theyill also need at least 600-MHz G3 computers for the video to work. While Apple says iChat AV will work with other USB or FireWire Web cams or DV camcorders, it works best with Appleis latest hardware offering, the iSight camera ($149).

You can read the full article at Popular Mechanicsi Web site.