Popwire To Ship New Video Server Utility

Popwire Technology has announced a new app for Mac users, Ingestion Engine. Ingestion Engine is a utility designed for serving digital media over networks. The features integration with Compression Engine, also from Popwire, and allows for video capturing from any source. According to Popwire Technology:

Popwire today announced its software-based video server for Apple OS X and SUN Solaris, Ingestion Engine. With this new product, Popwire challenges the traditional notion that top quality video servers have to be major investments in hardware-based products. Instead, customers can take advantage of the recent advances in off-the-shelf microprocessor power.

Popwireis Ingestion Engine is a next-generation video server that makes it easy to capture any kind of video feed, from tape or from live sources. It can act as both an ingestion server and a play-out server. The solution, based on software, combined with off-the-shelf hardware and a high-quality capture card, provides a quantum leap in cost efficiency for video server products.

Other highlights include on-demand digitizing of tape and automated retrieval of archived clips, as well as connectivity with Popwireis Compression Engine, for an automated workflow all the way from source to distribution.

You can find more information about the Ingestion Engine release at the Popwire Technology Web site. Ingestion Engine is expected to ship in Q3 2004.