Popwire Updates Compression Engine With Expanded Coding

Popwire Technology has released an update for Compression Engine, bringing it to version 1.4. Compression Engine is a utility designed for coding digital media. The update expands coding support options including 2-Pass and MPEG 4. According to Popwire Technology:

Popwire Technology ships Compression Engine 1.4 It’s a high performance digital media coding solution for Broadcasting companies, media houses, ISP’s and mobile operators who deal with large amounts of content.

With tight integration, blinding speed and uncompromising quality Compression Engine simplifies the process of distributing content in multiple formats and transcoding between incompatible systems.

The Popwire Compression Engine has in its earlier versions been very well received and is deployed around the world in commercial operations. In this new release Compression Engine 1.4 include features such as 2-Pass encoding, MPEG-4 advanced profile, extended MPEG-2, and DV as well as support for GXF.

You can find more information about the Compression Engine at the Popwire Technology Web site. Compression Engine pricing information is available by contacting the Popwire sales team.