Popwire Updates Compression Engine With NTSC To PAL Conversion

Popwire Technology has released an udpate for Compression Engine, bringing it to version 1.5. Compression Engine is a utility designed for encoding digital media. The update features several enhancements including support for 3:2 pulldown and NTSC to PAL signal conversion. According to Popwire Technology:

Popwire Technology ships Compression Engine 1.5 OS X, a high performance server based media coding system for Broadcasting companies, media houses, ISP’s and mobile operators who deal with large amounts of content.

With tight integration, blinding speed and uncompromising quality Compression Engine simplifies the process of distributing content in multiple formats and transcoding it between incompatible systems. By clustering several nodes of the Popwire Compression Engine itis possible to build large Media Coding server farms that can handle thousands of files.

Popwire takes the next step in becoming the obvious choice when it comes to encoding/transcoding solutions of media for the professional market. In the new version there is support for 3:2 pull down, 2:3 pulldown, NTSC and PAL conversion, time code tracks - a perfect feature for frame accurate proxy copies etc. Furthermore support for Watermark has been added as well as support for MPEG-1/2 output and RealMedia.

You can find more information about the Compression Engine update at the Popwire Technology Web site. Compression Engine update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$585.00.