Portal Platform Collaba Updated to Version 3.0

SYPECom has announced version 3.0 of Collaba, the companyis Java-based Web portal platform. Collaba offers a variety of tools for developing a Web site, and being Java-based, runs on any platform that supports Java, including Mac OS X. The new version includes new Web site modules, new sharing tools, new settings controls, and more. From SYPECom:

SYPECom releases Collaba 3.0, an easy-to-use on-line multimedia communication and collaboration portal engine featuring secure e-mail (Web & pop3/smtp), on-line forums (Web, rss, nntp), multimedia chat, calendering, address book, bookmarks organizer, Web space, file server access (Web, ftp, smb, cifs, etc.), digital portfolio, dynamic news board, directory access, Single-Sign-On features (extendable, and built-in support for many education-related services), full on-line portal management, anti-spam, gateways with popular services and technologies, synchronization with LDAP directories, and many more.

With its numerous communication and collaboration tools, Collaba is the ideal engine for providing digital work spaces to virtual communities and user groups. Collabais open architecture and its application of standards also makes it a great choice for deploying quality digital contents and contents agregators Best of all, the server is very easy to install and requires only a Java platform to run (on Linux, MacOS X, Windows 2000, etc.). No extra database, mail or web server required, everything is built-in and ready to use!

Update 3.0 :

  • new Web Sites module
  • author-based mailbox navigation
  • public file sharing for group members
  • DNS settings can now be edited on-line
  • improved reliability for some web browsers
  • many major and minor fixes throughout the platform
  • greatly-improved admin documentation
  • many other improvements and fixes...

Collaba is priced starting at US$199. You can find more information on the product at SYPEComis Web site.