Positive Spin Media Be Droppin' Da Bombs Yo

Positive Spin Media has released a new app for Mac gamers, BombSquad 1.0. BombSquad is an OS X version of the popular Minesweeper game with a twist. Players have the ability to defuse an uncovered bomb before detonation. According to Positive Spin Media:

Positive Spin Media is pleased to announce the availability of BombSquad, a new shareware game for Mac OS X.

BombSquad takes the good looks of Mac OS X and its Aqua interface, and mixes it liberally with the popular Windows Minesweeper puzzle/game. The result? A nimble rip-off of a classic game.

Has it ever bothered you how well Minesweeper mirrored real life: one step on a mine and you were through?

In an effort to "think different", BombSquad fixes this oversight: it gives you a period of time ("Crunch Time") after triggering a bomb to rectify the situation by flagging another bomb. Find another bomb in ten seconds, and everything is OK; donit find it, and "Boom!" - game over.

You can find more information about the BombSquad release at the Positive Spin Media Web site. BombSquad 1.0 is available for US$5.00.