Positive Spin Media Shipping NetScrape 1.0

Positive Spin Media has released a new app for Mac users, NetScrape 1.0. NetScrap is a utility designed for downloading images from selected Web sites. The app features support for OS X and allows users defined download criteria. According to Positive Spin Media:

Positive Spin Media is please to announce the availability of NetScrape, a new shareware application for Mac OS X. NetScrape can find all the images on a given Website, download (or "scrape") them, and present thumbnail and full-sized views for you to browse.

About NetScrape:

If you like images on the Web, youill like NetScrape. It is page-sucking Web spider, surgically attached to an "aqua-licious" image thumbnailer and viewer. In this regard, itis a lot like Frankenstein - and heis pretty cool, right? Give NetScrape a URL, and it will "scrape" all of the images from the site; feed it some keywords, and it will Google™ you some relevant images in no time flat.

You can configure NetScrape to ignore images under a certain size or of the wrong type, to stay on a particular site or wander the Web, and even specify how quickly NetScrape should do its work.

You can find more information about the NetScrape release at the Positive Spin Media Web site. NetScrape is available for US$15.00.