Positive Spin Updates NetScrape With Performance Enhancements

Positive Spin Media has released an update for NetScrape, bringing it to version 1.6. NetScrap is a utility designed for downloading images from selected Web sites. The update features support for multipple URL and keyword sessions and bug fixes. According to Positive Spin Media:

If you like images on the Web, youill like NetScrape. It is page-sucking Web spider, surgically attached to an "aqua-licious" image thumbnailer and viewer. In this regard, itis a lot like Frankenstein - and heis pretty cool, right? Give NetScrape a URL, and it will "scrape" all of the images from the site; feed it some keywords, and it will Google? you some relevant images in no time flat.

New 1.6 features:

  • "tabbed scraping" to allow for multiple URL or keyword sessions to be happening at the same time
  • users can now configure how many columns appear in the Preview pane
  • fixed bugs: a number of issues resulting in the "spinning pizza"
  • program hang have been resolved. There are many stability and performance enhancements under the hood

You can find more information about the NetScrape update at the Positive Spin Media Web site. NetScrape is available for US$15.00.