Positive Spin Updates NetScrape With Speed Boost

Positive Spin Media has released an update for NetScrape, bringing it to version 1.5. NetScrap is a utility designed for downloading images from selected Web sites. The update features interface enhancements and speed boosts. According to Positive Spin Media:

Positive Spin Media is please to announce the availability of NetScrape 1.5, an update to a popular shareware application for Mac OS X.

About NetScrape:

If you like images on the Web, youill like NetScrape. It is page-sucking Web spider, surgically attached to an "aqua-licious" image thumbnailer and viewer. In this regard, itis a lot like Frankenstein - and heis pretty cool, right? Give NetScrape a URL, and it will "scrape" all of the images from the site; feed it some keywords, and it will Google™ you some relevant images in no time flat.

New in version 1.5:

User feedback continues to come in, and this app gets better and better as a result. In this version, the user interface has been refined and streamlined, and speed improvements have been made across the board. Many small user-submitted bugs have been addressed, resulting in more polish and ease-of-use than ever.

You can find more information about the NetScrape update at the Positive Spin Media Web site. NetScrape is available for US$15.00.