Post-MACWORLD Humor Aplenty!

MACWORLD Expo SF and the new iMacis stunning shape have had tongues wagging and keys clacking all over the web. It was fun for a while, but now that Fridayis here the mere mention of the words "desk lamp" followed by lame snickers are ready to make me hurl. Sigh. Good humor is so hard to find.

Observer Brian Miller wrote in to tell us that this weekis strips at Rockwood, a web comic set on a space station-cum-hotel, feature the new iMac leaping about like a pup.

Rockwood, a web comic and acknowledged Mac Supporter (he did special fill-ini cartoons when Jack and Katie from As The Apple Turns were on hiatus to get married) is doing a series this week on the new iMac, featuring a "Luxo Jr." like iMac playing with a ball, a la the Pixar short.

The Mac Observeris own Eolake Stobblehouse found this great article at the San Francisco Gate website.

Just what the hell is wrong with Apple Computer?

We are in the middle of a snarling economic sociocultural downturn. We are depressed and angry and war-embittered and everything is bleak and mean and black as Donny Rumsfeldis beady eyes.

No one is supposed to be offering gear like the new iMac right now. No one is supposed to be inventing bright clean outwardly dazzling apparently very well-made, classy, innovative, unique appliances in the vast teeming wasteland that is the electronics marketplace right now. This is just wrong.

Meanwhile, you can always rely on Joy of Tech team to spice up an Expo week with some quality Machead humour. If you havenit already looked at it this week, go now. The last few weeks have been packed with pre- and post-Expo fun

If youive spotted Macs in the media or around the traps, why not share the fun and drop me a line?