Post.Office And WebEdge Updated Together

Tenon Intersystems has released an update for Post.Office and WebEdge, bringing them to versions 3.5.3 v.717 and 3.6 respectively. Post.Office is a mail and list server utility designed for the management of large volumes of email. WebEdge is the companion designed as a Web based amil client. The Post.Office update improves spam filtering and other enhancements. The WeEdge update improves IMAP and POP support. According to Tenon Intersystems:

Post.Office 3.5.3 version 717, the premier mail server and list server for Mac OS X, is now available for Mac OS X 10.2.3 with a new Web-based mail client, WebEdge 3.6.

This enhanced version of Post.Office adds SPAM filtering extensions and IMAP improvements to the myriad of Post.Office features that make it a leader on the Mac OS X platform. The new WebEdge supports both POP and IMAP, includes a spell checker, an address book, a calendar, and customizable HTML templates to let you hand-tailor the look and feel to suit your needs.

You can find more information about the Post.Office and WebEdge update at the Tenon Intersystems Web site. Post.Office is available starting at US$295.00, and WebEdge is available for US$500.00.