Posters, The Incredible Convention Site, & A Cool Map (With Pics)

Regular Observers will remember the great pics we have gotten of Appleis advertisements around New York City and San Francisco for the State-side MACWORLD Expos. So far in Tokyo for MACWORLD Tokyo, we havenit found too many of those kinds of billboards and other advertisements, but we do have a couple of tasty images for you to give you an idea of what itis like in Tokyo.

We offer the few advertisements we did see, plus two images of Tokyo Big Sight, the convention center where the Expo is taking place. The facility is impressive, to say the least, and you could also throw in words like massive, gigantic, cool, Balde-Runneresque, etc. Weill be bringing you pics from the keynote on Thursday morning, as well as more pics from the show floor itself.

(Click the thumbnails for larger versions)
Two identical poster bills in the skywalk leading to the site.
Another one of the few ads we saw near the convention center.
"Mac Geeks - This Way."
At least thatis what we *think* it says...
This is Tokyo Big Sight, the convention center. It is even more cool looking than it looks in this picture.
Another view.
Listing of conference times in Japanese
This was the coolest part of any MACWORLD ever!
This is the map Apple is using to plan its worldwide conquest...
Actually, that is a blatant lie. This map is in the registration area and is part of the convention center itself. The times above and below the map are major cities around the world.