PowerBook Repair Service From MacResQ

MacResQ has launched a new service for PowerBook users. PowerBookResQ is a membership service designed for users of older or expired warranty PowerBooks. The service provides diagnosis as well parts and labor for damaged PowerBooks. According to MacResQ:

MacResQ announced today the launch of a unique new repair service for Macintosh PowerBook computers. The service, known as PowerBookResQ, will provide PowerBook users throughout the United States with a new source for service parts and labor.

PowerBookResQ addresses the difficulty that most users face when they encounter a technical problem with their PowerBook. Users of older PowerBooks face a tough challenge trying to find a local source for older parts and service. If a local repair center is available, costs are usually high and turnaround time is unacceptable for users who rely on their PowerBooks on a daily basis. Users of newer, but out-of-warranty, PowerBooks often have no choice but to send their systems back to the manufacturer for an expensive repair due to parts limitations and service policies.

You can find more information about PowerBookResQ at the MacResQ Web site. The PowerBookResQ service starts at US$99.00.