PowerBook Source Names New Editor-in-Chief

The PowerBook Source, a one-stop source for all Apple laptop related news, has named a new Editor-in-Chief. Frank Klassner has been serving as the Assistant Editor at the PowerBook Source since last October, and now takes over the reigns. According to Mr. Klassner:

As I take over the Editor-in-Chief position at the PowerBook Source, I first want to thank my predecessor Bryan Goldstein for his hard work at making the PBSource a respected, rumorless, news source for all Apple laptop lines with over 4,000 daily loyal readers. Best Wishes, Bryan - Iim sure we all wish you well in your new endeavors at medical school!

Now for the "Who, What, Where, When, and Why" about me. Iim a computer science professor at Villanova University with 8 years of Mac experience and have productively owned PowerBooks in the 6 years since 1995. Like many PowerBook users, I like Appleis laptops because they help me get my work done wherever I need to be, rather than force me to work around them wherever I go like certain other portables have a habit of doing ;-).

What can you expect from me, "the new guy?" Well, actually, thatis something of a misnomer. Since October 2000 Iive been working as an assistant editor here, making sure that you receive PowerBook and iBook news every weekday, even on those days when other news sites think there is no Apple laptop-related news. I intend to keep working toward that goal of daily educational Apple-laptop news and performance tips. I want to make the PowerBook Source your one-stop daily digest for news around the web that focuses on Apple laptops, regardless of whether we break a story or another website does it first. At the same time, I will keep the PowerBook Sourceis commitment to scrupulous avoidance of rumor-mongering - if we canit find a first-hand attribution to a news item, it wonit be posted.

You can read more of Mr. Klassneris introduction letter, and check out all things related to Appleis portable machines, at The PowerBook Source Web site.