PowerLogix Releases CPU Director 2.1

PowerLogix announced Thursday the release of CPU Director 2.1. new dynamic frequency switching and power management features that are part of the companyis PowerForce G4 ?47 and PowerForce G3 processor upgrades.

The PowerForce G4 i47 has unique hardware features that, when combined with the new CPU Director 2.1, result in improved power management, the company said. This results in significantly lower power draw and operating temperature than competing products.

A thermal sensor is built onto the circuit board of all PowerForce G4 i47 single and dual CPU models. This sensor is centrally located between the CPU(s) and the power supply, so as to provide a useful temperature reading. This sensor provides temperature data to CPU Director, Powerlogixis proprietary software utility.

CPU Director includes a thermal pane which appears when used with any PowerLogix CPU card that has an embedded thermal sensor. This pane shows instantaneous real time temperature, as well as a graph of temperature over time. This way the user can see the temperature change as the CPU is exercised. It can also help to diagnose problems.

CPU Director 2.1 is now available via download from the PowerLogix Web site. Existing owners of PowerForce G4 i47 also require a patch that will be e-mailed to all existing cusatomers. New owners will receive CPU Director 2.1 on CD with the shipment.