PowerLogix Rolls Out Dual-1.5GHz Upgrade for Cube

PowerLogix announced Thursday a 1.5GHz dual-processor PowerForceG4 7447A upgrade card for the G4 Cube.

The cards utilize the latest FreeScale PowerPC 7447A and include 512K of on-board L2 cache. As with all PowerForce G4 7447A cards, this new model features an on-board thermal sensor and real-time thermal monitoring, and supports Dynamic Frequency Switching (DFS).

The upgrade also comes with PowerLogix?s Voltage Regulator Module bypass technology that reduces the power draw of the Cube VRM, extending its life and reducing heat.

CPU Director, Powerlogix?s software utility, ships with all 7447A card upgrades. This software constantly monitors the processor for proper and safe operation, and also allows the user to view operational temperature.

The card is available from Other World Computing Inc. and retails for US$480.