PowerMacResQ Adds Mac Mini Repair, Upgrade Program

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PowerMacResQ has expanded its repair and upgrade offerings by adding services specifically for Mac mini owners. The company will install 1GB of RAM (US$149), install a Bluetooth module ($199), swap out the optical drive for a SuperDrive ($219), install an AirPort Extreme card ($219), or install a 100GB hard drive and transfer data from the old disk to the new one ($289). Consumers can receive a discount by ordering two or more upgrades at the same time.

All upgrades include overnight shipping both ways, with PowerMacResQ sending out a box for the user to place the computer in and the company installing the upgrades within 24 hours before shipping it back. Anything pulled from the machine is also returned; users can opt to sell them to PowerMacResQ for credit toward the upgrade costs. The company uses Apple Certified technicians.

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