PowerMac Cubes Put To Work At Nobel Prize Museum

We received a note from Observer Mattias Axén from Sweden. While checking out the Nobel Foundationis new Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Mattias spotted a couple of Cubes in use. From Mattias:

Hello! Here is a cool Mac-observation from Sweden:

What is the most famous prize in the world? Thatis right, the Nobel Prize! The Nobel Foundation has prepared a museum to celebrate the 100th anniversary. The museum is housed at the ground floor of Stockholm Stock Exchange. The environment is very classy with a lot of flat-screen video installations. At the reception desk I spied a Mac keyboard, and Whoa hidden underneath there was a Cube! There was also another Cube in the Gift/Souvenir-shop. I donit know if the whole show is run on Macs, but I consider it pretty likely.

Best Wishes,

Mattias Axén

P.S. My thoughts are with all Americans affected by the terrible deeds last week.

Thanks for the thoughts, Mattias, and thanks for the Mac sighting. The Nobel Museum has its own Web site within the Nobel Foundationis Web site, where you can find more information. Unfortunately, they donit have an image gallery for the museum yet.

If you have of a Mac Sighting, let us know.