PowerMail 4.1.3 Ships With Improved Searching

CTM has released an update for PowerMail, bringing it to version 4.1.3. PowerMail is an email client designed for the management and sending of email. The update features performance enhancments including improved searching and bug fixes. According to CTM:

PowerMail for Macintosh 4.1.3 has now been released.

Designed as a robust and sustainable alternative to ordinary Macintosh e-mail applications, PowerMail 4.1.3 is based on the PowerMail Engine(tm), a robust foundation for cross-platform e-mail clients encompassing 9 years of mail and directory experience.

This version features:

  • 12 improvements in the area of searching, online documentation, AppleScript, international text and general robustness on Mac OS X, 9 and 8

You can find more information about the latest PowerMail release at the CTM Web site. PowerMail 4.1.3 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$49.00.