PowerMail Updated, Carbonized

CTM Development has updated their alternate e-mail application, PowerMail, to version 3.0.6. The new version includes a host of new features, and offers Carbonized support for OS X Beta. If you are a beta user and looking for an alternative to Mail, this may be the answer. According to CTM Development:

CTM Development releases a new version of its $49 flagship e-mail application for Macintosh, PowerMail, now including a native version for Appleis Mac OS X preview.

Designed as a fully-featured, user friendly alternative to Outlook Express/Entourage and Eudora, PowerMail features the highest performance mail searching capability, excellent compatibility with complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew as well as a state-of-the-art Mac-like design.

Whatis new in PowerMail 3.0.6
8 new features / enhancements:

  • A public beta version for Mac OS X is now available from our download page. See release notes below
  • Accelerated moving messages to trash, as well as moving from one open container window to another
  • Added a "From or To" criteria in the "View only" floating window
  • Holding the command and shift keys (or option - shift) upon startup now allows selection of a different database to be used than the one last used
  • Mailboxes exported from Musashi in a non-orthodox variant of the Eudora format can now be imported into PowerMail
  • If an attachment no longer exists in the Attachments folder, an alert is now displayed when attempting to open it.
  • Added 2 AppleScripts to export and import the contents of settings as text or as Unicode text; this speed up the process of setting up a new configuration, and allows easy backup of settings in human-readable form.
  • Clicking on "Send" with one or more waiting messages selected will now resend messages if the Mail Scheduling settings allow. This also applies messages whose sending failed (SMTP error) or was interrupted the first time.

Mac OS X version release notes:
Due to popular demand, this is the first external release of a PowerMail build usable natively under Mac OS X. As the operating system itself is much of a work in progress which cannot be considered as production-quality, no guarantees are made as to the actual suitability or performance of PowerMail when running under Mac OS X.

The user interface spacing requirements for dialogs and other layouts have not been modified for Mac OS X, as this would imply a degradation of the user experience on Mac OS 9 (or maintenance of two sets of resources to be updated and translated at every change). The user-interface modifications will be phased in over time, depending on when the majority of our users shift operating systems.

PowerMail is available for US$49, and a time-limited demonstration version is available. You can find more information at the CTM Development web site.